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About us

We are a European based distribution company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, focusing on high quality medical products and related smart software

Our combined team with experience within the area of medical and IT science have developed a model to provide smart solutions for the medical industry

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Medical products

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Our smart inventory system, automatically keeps track of product status in stock

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Injection systems
We offer a wide range of hypodermic products including syringes, needles and combined needles and syringes.
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Wound dressing
Our portfolio includes high-quality wound care products, including band-aids, gauze, bandages, sponges, hemostatic dressings, eye pad, surgical tape, and more.
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General surgical equipment
Our portfolio includes common surgical equipment including, scalpels, knives, scissors, forceps, and more.
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Sterilizing boxes, instrument trays, sterilizing forceps, instruments holders and racks, sterilization pouches.
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Minimally invasive surgery
Instruments for arthroscopy and laparoscopy.

Suturing instruments, including suturing forceps, stitch scissors, suture clips, absorbable and nonabsorbable sutures.
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Gowns and Apparel
Medical gowns and other protective apparel such as mask and head covers to provide reliable barrier protection with high comfort.
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Hand protection
We offer a wide range of hand protection.
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General equipment
General equipment such as stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, thermometers etc.
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Physiotherapy equipment such as kinesiology tape, exercise bands etc.
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Hygiene products
Disposable products such as wipes, hand sanitizer, wash clothes etc.

Veterinary supplies
Products for animal health including wipes, bandages, personal protective equipment and disinfectants.

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